Fallbrook Indivisible
Fallbrook Indivisible is coming into the light. (Photo: Joe Dusel)

It seems Indivisible groups are riding a tsunami of growth most likely due to the effluent rolling out of the White House and Legislature. The North County inland communities of Fallbrook/DuLuz/Bonsal/Rainbow and Valley Center share the same zip code but at first blush seem to be Republican strongholds. Not necessarily.

The Women’s March in January birthed connections which have grown into thriving political action groups. Fallbrook’s Invisible’s nexus was at the North County Inland Women’s March. It was there I met Mary Masek Bosch. She was new to political action and appalled and alarmed with the actions of the new president. We both agreed that after the march we needed to organize and act. Mary’s friend, Susan Jackson Liebes, rounded out our team, and on January 24, Indivisible Fallbrook launched a Facebook page. The first day we had 44 member requests and as of February 12, there are 245.

The Indivisible tsunami had hit North County Inland. Our first Indivisible meeting was on February 7. We were hoping for 20. Fifty-four were lined up out the door ready to sign in and pick up a copy of “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.”

I saw the looks on their faces when they walked into a room with other like-minded progressives. More than one told me they thought they were alone. Some were almost in tears.

“We kept it simple that night: Get Organized, Get Informed and Take Action.”

Our agenda included our hostess, Mary, briefing us on the mission of Indivisible. She told our group they probably showed up because they had the moral courage to stand up to the threat to our democracy and to our way of life. She went on to explain that that is where Indivisible comes in. Indivisible is a guide created by former congressional staffers who have the knowledge and expertise to help resist the policies and oppression of the Trump regime. My message was “Get Informed/Do Something” because the most effective actions are informed and social actions.

Connections and networks create and cement newcomer’s actions. The Invisible Guide listed the four most effective actions: show up at district offices; show up at town hall meetings, show up at public events and mass phone calls. I shared a few of the tools for resistance such as “5calls.org”, “Grab Your Wallet” (following which companies sell Trump merchandise), “Shy Person’s Guide to Making Phone Calls” and “Keep Track of How They Voted.”

Susan followed with “Organize & Act.” She asked for everyone to step up and help us organize the group. She outlined options for becoming involved whether it was making daily or weekly phone calls, recruiting friends, attending events, or visiting district offices. She shared how we needed to reach out to other political action groups, keep up with media and congressional office schedules. Her message to the group was we need help; you can help.

Mary’s Facebook post after the meeting said it all, “Wow. The official count for last night’s meeting was 54! (I counted the chairs.) Thank you, thank you, thank you, 54 times over for taking the time to be there. Every beautiful soul that appeared at the door last night was like an angel healing my heart and restoring my faith in the strength of the people of our great country. We are awed by your willingness to stand up, to get involved, and to fight.” Mary’s closing words, “Keep making those calls, keep showing up at offices, and marches. And please, please, recruit, recruit, recruit.

Our strength is in our numbers. IF we stand together, indivisible, we can take back our country” “Luckily, real change, like a tree, grows from the bottom up, not the top down. We have Hillary, Barack and Michelle to guide us. We will not mourn, we will organize. Maybe we are about to be free.” – Gloria Steinham


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