Enough is Enough.

Escondido Needs Leaders with a Vision

In Escondido, we are witnessing a shift in local politics. Local residents, and even some elected officials, are banding together to say Enough is enough. We live here, and we should have a say in what happens here.

We are seeing Democrats, Independents and Republicans dissatisfied with local leadership standing together against the Council Majority. Much of this has come to a head because of the Council majority’s efforts to privatize Escondido’s only public library. In 2011, the Council Majority closed Escondido’s only branch library, now they are moving toward privatizing the remaining location. It is an extremely unpopular move with the people who live and pay taxes in Escondido, but this council majority does not seem to care.

We have seen our elected politicians ignore the public outcry, ignore the very clear message they were sent. Many concerned residents received email responses from Council members with comments that were arrogant and dismissive. This is unacceptable.

We have not had a Council majority with a vision for many years. We need real

leaders: people with experience in leadership who have a vision we can all share

to save our city from its downward spiral. This is truly not about partisan politics.

The mayor’s race is non-partisan. There are no Republican or Democratic potholes. The library is for all residents. All residents want to live in a safe city with a decent quality of life.

It is indeed time for a change in Escondido.

We voted them in. It’s time to vote them out.


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