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Carlsbad will hold a public safety open house

On Saturday, Oct. 12, the City of Carlsbad will host the annual Public Safety Open House. The open house will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Safety Training Center located at 5750 Orion St. in Carlsbad. The open house will celebrate “Fire Prevention Week” and “Crime Prevention Month.”

Open house participants can watch live demonstrations including:

  • Burning house exhibition
  • SWAT mission exhibition
  • Police K-9 maneuvers
  • Sidewalk CPR
  • Home safety

Displays will feature fire, police and public works vehicles, prevention and preparedness, emergency services information, CSI equipment and technology, trauma intervention and volunteerism.

“Community members of all ages are invited to learn not only what the city is doing to make sure Carlsbad is safe, but what they can do too,” said Fire Chief Michael Calderwood.

“A safe and secure community takes teamwork,” said Police Chief Neil Gallucci. “This annual event provides a fun way for our first responders to connect with the community while continuing to build strong bonds.”


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