Escondido Police Department is sponsoring National Walk to School Day

The Escondido Police Department is supporting efforts by schools across California that are participating in National Walk to School Day Oct. 2.

More than 400 schools in California will be hosting walks with children, parents/guardians and community leaders, including here in Escondido to highlight the health benefits of walking and the need for safe places for students to travel to school.

“The health and well-being of our children should be a high priority to our community. An invigorating and safe walk to school is one way of instilling the importance of daily physical activity in our school-aged youth. And it’s a great way to start a day of focus in the classroom,” said Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter. “On October 2nd, please be aware that there will be increased foot traffic around school campuses on Walking to School Day.”

The Escondido Police Department reminds parents and guardians to teach children the following tips when walking to school:

  • Always look left-right-left before crossing the street. Make sure cars see you. Continue scanning for cars when entering the crosswalk.
  • Encourage children not to wear earbuds and listen to music when walking. Test them on traffic rules like “red light, green light.”
  • See if your child can walk with a group of friends.
  • Emphasize that they should be off the phone while walking.

To learn more about the Walk to School Day or Safe Routes to Schools programs, visit


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