The Escondido Library is now run by LS&S, a private business located in Maryland. The Escondido Library Watchdog seeks to hold the private company accountable to the Escondido taxpayers.


A new community initiative has been released for public use.  The Escondido Library Watchdog is now available.  Launched last month, the Watchdog has already collected concerns and questions from library users and forwarded them to the Library Board of Trustees for response and action.

The Watchdog website makes it easy to find links related to the Library Board of Trustee meetings.  Importantly, it provides a link to file a concern or question to the Trustees or Library staff independent of the LS&S contractors who now run the library.

The Watchdog was born out of frustration with the lack of oversight of the LS&S contract adopted by the previous city council.  “After our coalition expressed concerns about the lack of oversight of LS&S, we were asked by city officials to engage in the oversight process with the Board of Trustees.  The Escondido Library Watchdog is a result of that recommendation.  We want the public to know that there is an opportunity to engage around concerns related to the library,” stated Brenda Townsend, a 32-year Escondido resident and library user.

“I think the Watchdog is needed in Escondido.  The operation of our public asset by a private corporation is still, to me, a major problem and we plan to do everything we can to make sure they are held accountable, “ said Christine Nava, Watchdog member.

The first requests for response, filed with the Board of Trustees relate to the inability of the public to use the 3-D printer after almost two years, the lack of the full list of Pulitzer Prize winners available in the library, and the elimination of the ESL program from the library.

Public members can file a concern or question here Library Concern.  To join the Watchdog Newsletter click here.


  1. I have noticed the changes ie. no chairs to sit on by the Reference Desk – what is all that empty space about? What happened to the tables and the Atlases? The 3-D printer is a joke; it’s not available for use, so what’s it for? – It’s to give LSS something to brag about, I think.
    The books have been disappearing. I’ve noticed a definite fear of reprisal by the employees who cannot speak their minds to patrons. Or answer questions about what is going on. Everybody needs to keep their jobs. So LSS owns them, right?
    I’ve NEVER before seen such a predicament.


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