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The ages of the people who died range from 64 to 100 years. Four are men and three are women and all had underlying medical conditions.

“Our sincere sympathies and condolences go out to the family and friends of all the people who have died because of COVID-19,” said Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. “The best way to protect those at higher risk of complications from COVID-19 is by staying at your regular home and wearing a face covering when in public.”

The age, gender and race and ethnic breakdown of the local COVID-19 deaths are:


  • 80 and older: 32
  • 70 to 79: 15
  • 60 to 69: 6
  • 50 to 59: 4
  • 40 to 49: 1
  • 20 to 29: 2


  • 34 Men
  • 26 Women

Race and Ethnicity:

  • 24 White
  • 17 Hispanic
  • 4 Asian
  • 1 Multiple races
  • 14 Unknown

County COVID-19 Cases Now at 2,012

Nearly 28,000 tests have been administered to San Diegans. To date, 2,012 people have tested positive for COVID-19, including 82 new cases announced today.

Of the local cases, 1,017 (50.5%) were men and 989 (49.1%) were women. The gender of six people is unknown. Of the reported cases, 488 (24.3%) have required hospitalization and 173 (8.6%) of the total number of cases had to be placed in intensive care. Sixty (3%) have died.

Hospitals report directly to the state the number of patients who are currently hospitalized and in intensive care. The totals can be found here.

Priority Groups for COVID-19 Testing

Due to the widescale shortages of laboratory supplies and reagents, the County is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for testing for COVID-19. The three specific groups are:

Priority 1

  • Hospitalized patients
  • Healthcare facility workers with symptoms

Priority 2

  • People 65 years and older and patients in long-term care facilities with symptoms
  • Patients with underlying conditions and first responders with symptoms

Priority 3

  • Essential workers with symptoms
  • Healthcare facility workers and first responders
  • People with symptoms who not in above priority groups
  • People with mild symptoms in communities with high numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations

More Case Information

The County’s COVID-19 webpage contains a graph showing new positive cases and total cases reported by date. The data is also broken down by ethnic group. A new interactive dashboard with several COVID-19 indicators is being updated daily. For more information, visit


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